My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I went over to Pam and Chuck's house last night to watch the Ark of Truth. It just started to snow as I almost got to their house.

This is Kona one of their dogs he had been out side for a few minutes and didn't want to shake off when he came in to eat. By the time I headed home they had about 4 inches of snow and Chuck went out to clean off my car for the drive home. Luckily it hadn't even stuck the sidewalks or streets by my house as I didn't feel much like shoveling. Chuck had a blast all night looking out the window and giggling and announcing how happy he was about it and trying to get Pam and I to look out the window. Well at least he had fun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now You've Done It Sally!

I made the trip to Shapiro's today, they didn't have the purse on your blog in my pattern. However for $2 more they had this little number. I decided I had to have it so it is now mine. Well what do you think?

Where will you be April 12th

April is Autism Awareness Month and in honor of Autism Awareness Barnes & Noble will be having a reading of the book below at the Bountiful Barnes & Noble on April 12, 2008 at 11:00 AM. I'll be there I hope to see you there as well.

Since We're Friends is a story about two boys that are friends. One has Autism and one doesn't and the story shows how they make their friendship work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Four Things

Four Jobs I've Had:
I worked at the Utah Theaters as first a Candy Girl and then in the Ticket office.

I was a Carney for a few months when I was 18

I was a supervisor at K-Mart with Rozanne Barr's little sister long before Nat was born.

I worked at American International Pictures editing films

I worked at an insurance company in the Accounting department and then the rating department (okay I know that's five but it brings me to my current job)

Four Movies I've watched more than once:
Steel Magnolias
All the Star Wars Movies
All the Harry Potter Movies
All the Lord of the Rings
Napoleon Dynamite (because you have to, and I like it)
Ever After
Fifth Element (I know I have a hard time stopping once I get started)

Four Places I've Lived:
Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Springfield, Illinois (I don't remember either of these)
Stockton, California (until I was five)
Salt Lakc City, Cedar Canyon, Cedar City, and Salt Lake City, Utah

Four Shows I watch:
Ghost Hunters (when I'm at Nat's)
Ghost Whisper

Four People that email me regularly:
People involved in the Autism Walk
Numerous people I do business and work with

Four of my favorite foods:
Almost anything Dark Chocolate
Steak (extremely rare)

Four Places I would like to be right now:
With Nat, Fiel, Emme, Clee, and Drewbee
Disney Land or World with the above
Almost anywhere with the above
Almost anywhere with my whole family

Four Things I'm looking forward to this year:
My trip to Connecticut and New York
Emme, Nat and Drewbee's visit
Going to Connecticut for Clee's Birthday and to take Emme home
Spending Christmas with Nat, Fiel and the Kids

I tag anyone who wants to play (let me know if you do so I can visit)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Bear & I

Yellowstone brought down some baby bears to Sportsman's Warehouse in SLC so I went out and stood in line for a while to get my picture taken with one. Mommy is still in Hibernation this is one of 6 that they had there. They only brought them out one at a time and if you had your picture taken with one you could hold one otherwise you only got to watch others get their picture taken. This little cutie was very tired and squirmy but well worth the wait.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What ya doin?

Nat asked for a post (be careful what you ask for)!