My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Autism Walk In Utah WOW What A Day

Well walk day finally arrived (I have been working towards this since last August). Out team grew a lot in the last couple of weeks, as a team we earned $1,490 (posted) plus another $300 or so turned in the day of the Walk. (Its NOT too late to donate). Our walk raised over $300,000, we had 3,500 preregistered walkers and over 5,000 people showed up. I volunteered to give out walk T-Shirts and there was a man with Autism (Aspergers) helping out. He said that a woman had come in where he worked the day before and told him about the walk so he came that morning to volunteer. After we finished the first lap of the walk they asked us to go visit some booths or something before starting the next lap because there were still a lot of people waiting to start the walk, I think we need a bigger place next year. I didn't count all of the booths that were there but there were a lot I'm guessing around a 100. I never did get the whole team together. The Cottonwood football team cheered us on and volunteered. I had a great time I hope everyone else did too. I know all the kids did everytime you walked a few steps there was some sort of treat or something fun for them to do. THANK YOU everybody who donated, volunteered and joined the team I really really appreciate everything!!!!!Portion of our team Gerri (me), Lynn Rich, Adrian, Tayvia, Crystal and DeAndre
DeAndre, Crystal, Tayvia, Adrian, Rich, Lynn, Trent, Amelia, Laurel, Bailey, Robin, Kelly, Sally, Jenny, Emme, and Gerri (me). A good portion of our team. Lori (snuck out), Couldn't find Charris and Amber (will post picture later), Also couldn't find Emily and Vicki and Jayne (will also post picture later), Great Grandma Natalie and Grandpa Rick were sick)
Baby Emme at the walk
Our Team Shirts (I also got one each of these for Emme, Clee, and Drew)
I, Grandpa Rick, and another Anonymous donor donated our tickets to get Emme, Clee, and Drew each one of these T-Shirts from our Walk
Uncle Rich and Aunt Lynn