My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting ready for Emme's Visit

I bought tickets to see BIG at the Hale Theatre for Emme & I
Our seat are on the front row

She and I will be going to this at this at the Capital Theatre with Pam and Katie
Our seats are in the Center Second Row of the Mezzanine

Aldo's Visit

This is where we had dinner on Al's last night here. His choice but a very good one.

Here he is with grandma after we ate some great food.

Veggin out at Pam & Chuck's after dinner. Hope we see you again this summer Al!!!!

Sunset on Graduation Day

I just thought this was beautiful.

Graduation Day for Sadie

Graduation day for Sadie, Way to go Girl. Check out the bouquet her mom made for her. Cool huh?

Sadie and her Mom. (yes the bouquet is made of real money) I hope I got the school colors right.

Visitors from Washington

Jerry and Diane (Thomps) came down for a visit from Washington. It was great to see them hope they come down more often. I've known Thomps for years maybe we'll go in to that another time.

Bob gets his Eagle

Kathi, Bob and Jack when Bob received his Eagle, I'm so glad I could be there!

Bob taking his place in the Eagles Nest, Way to go Bob!!

A Bird in the Tree

This is the mother Robin sitting on her eggs

In the pine tree off my sister an brother in laws porch

Sad they have left the nest now something must have gotten to the nest or the eggs didn't hatch

Happy Mothers Day

The Rose I got at Church on Mother's Day Note the day this was taken (Mom's day was the 11th)

Here's the rose with the lovely card my Daughter sent me along with some lovely PJ's Candy etc.