My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pam & Chuck's for Movie Night

These horses are right behind Pam & Chuck's house. Once the trees fill in we won't be able to see them as well :(
The pool looks inviting but it's still to cold for me.

Leia thought I was taking too many pictures of the horses and wanted her picture taken too.
Then Kona thought he need to have his picture taken too!

We had steak and watched Game Plan. This is a great funny movie. None of us caught all of it because we were laughing to much to catch quite a few more lines. I highly recommend it.

Our Autism Walk Kick-Off Dinner

We had our kick off dinner for the walk. It was fun even though I had to get there early to help set up it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Great food and speakers it was just a great night.

Hartford Airport

I'm going to take a movie of this next time I'm out in Connecticut. Hopefully you can see that the Travelers umbrella (it is made up of hundreds of tiny umbrellas) comes apart as people walk past it and then comes back together it looks really cool.

My Hero!!!!

Andrew the Power Ranger
If he had his way he would only wear
hero costumes.

A little love for Grandma

Grandma getting some love from her Clee!

Presants for Mommy

I had to buy a little something for my Baby!

Easter Morning!

What the Easter Bunny left!!!

My adorable Grandkids!

Power Ranger Andrew

Andrew earned the costume by going peepee in the Potty. My Hero!!

Dueling Camera's

I guess dinner was taking to long to get to us