My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay I'm back the computer and arm are working better

Well this is not an excuse really but my computer was out of commission for a while until my Son-In-Law came to my rescue. And my car slipped on some black ice on a freeway entrance to I-15 on my way to work on December 23, luckily for ME, Nat, and Fiel were here visiting for Christmas. After I bounced off two walls of course the air bags went off and broke my other arm this time. I called Nat and asked her to call 911 for me as I have a problem with it on my cell phone. I then called work and let them know I had been in an accident. Then Nat called me back on her cell phone and had the 911 operator on the phone. They said they had found me, I looked around and couldn't see any one but the cars speeding by me none of them with lights on the top. In my defense I was pretty shocky and had not clearly explained to Nat where I was on the entrance which goes from 900 South to past 2100 South. Effidently after I had driven through almost the whole way with out so much as a car pulled off the road (prior to my accident) there had been a few others since they found three accidents before they finally found me. I had asked Nat to send Fiel to collect the things in my car and he drove me to the hospital as my right arm was obviously broken. Below are pictures we took after I left the hospital and the car had been towed.

Doesn't it look awful I guess I was lucky only my right arm was broken.
X-Ray taken at the Hospital, yep it's broken all right, there were also numerous bruises especially my whole right breast.
Above are my beautiful plate and screws after my surgery to repair the damage.
I will post pictures of the kids visit later even though the cast is off the wrist isn't working very well yet and gets tired easily. I am also on face book now. Oh yeah and look below for my trip to FL minus Fay.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have been very neglectful!

I know I have been very neglectful keeping up the blog. If you come back later be sure to go further down because I have a few that I started some time ago and their just not ready for publication. I think when they are posted they will show up on the date I started them.

Yeah, Happy birthday Clee, Mom, Mark, Galen, etc. I have also neglected putting posts up for those I will try to do better next year. There will be pictures of Clee's birthday in my post about my trip to Florida to follow. There will also be pictures of Mom's birthday to follow. So check back if you want to.

I can't make any promises but I will try to do better.

My Trip to Florida minus Fay

This is how Andrew welcomed me, isn't he adorable?

Emme & Clee at Build a Bear

Clee at Build a Bear
Andrew was in Super hero heaven
I loved this Log Cabin Trailer!
Andrew in Gator outfit I got him

We went to the beach for Clee's Sixth Birthday one of his favorite places to go!

Andrew actually in the ocean water this is the first time I saw him even go near the water since he acidently fell in my sister's pool last summer. Why to go Andrew!
Clee has always loved the ocean, or any water for that matter!
Emme with her sea shell collection
Fiel & Natalie (ahhhh aren't they cute)
Me and Nat (me not so cute)
Emme and Candace
Fiel and Andrew
Andrew and I after he fell in the water but he got right back in
Clee just totally enjoyed himself

Clee and Emme
Andrew back in the water
We had birthday cake for Clee when we got homeClee loves Cake (frosting) Happy Birthday big guy!Nat with her frosting art
Emme's (first) first day of School
Clee's (first) first day of school

I found this great named little town on the map so we went to check it out.
Funny they don't look like they volunteered for this at all!Of course the big fire truck was more interestingAndrew looks a little worried (I guess it was pretty high up for him).Clee seemed to like the truck
Clee's (second) First day of school

Nat hates these little frogs that love her mail box. I personally find them adorable!
Andrew sleeping in his Batman Chair (Ahh isn't cute)This is what found when I returned to work when I returned to Utah (big surprise, NOT)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Nat and the kids out playing in the rain

Drew and Emme playing in their PJ's

Emme, Drew and Clee

Emme & Clee

Emme & Drew with their new Umbrellas
We thought this was the worst of it. We were

Here I am trying to get things out of the water in the
garage, Emme was being a big help watching the boys
while Mom and I dealt with this problem, thank you Emme.

The water was still rising

See tools, paint cans etc. that were floating around
Nat decided at this point she need to get the cars to
higher ground.

Fiel's cousin Alex and his wife Brittney came to our rescue
That's them with Nat after they had been getting as much water
as they could out of the cars which Nat had gotten to higher
ground earlier. The van with a little help from me (not much) and
some nice neighbors. It had died half way up the driveway, needless to
say it was out of commission. One had helped me push the van out of the
driveway and then three or four others showed up to help.
Of course they were all strong young guys in their 20's and
a 57 year old fat woman just couldn't keep up with them so I
told them I couldn't keep up, thanked them and went back to the
house with the kids. They were super nice as they couldn't even
get to their house as the road was closed.

Here I am standing in Fiel & Nat's driveway (I think)
Alex and Brittney came to our rescue again they brought
us pizza, a cooler with ice, a 12 pack of Diet Coke (of which
I was in desperate need), some cookies, and some much needed
towels as Nat had used every towel in the house trying to dry
out the vehicles earlier. (Oh and did I mention the power was
out, BONUS) So there wasn't any cooking, opening the refrigerator,
washing and drying of towels, watching TV, etc.

This is the view from Nat and Fiel's front door.
Nice huh? Luckily the house was much higher
than the garage so no water got into it. I think
we have Alex to thank for that too.

Yes that is the garage door or atleast the portion you
can see above water.

This is one of the places the kids had been playing earlier

The house in the middle is Nat & Fiel's
It looks like its floating on a lake, No?

Here it is a little closer

This is the puzzle Drew and I put together several times

Drew was very proud this time he did it all by himself.
Way to go Drewbee!!!

Here I am reading while the kids took a break from
playing games and putting the puzzle together. It was
a very long day of trying to get things out of the water
in the garage and entertaining the kids with no power.
Thankfully the power stayed on for some of the clean up,
poor Emme trying to keep the boys entertained and in
the house was extremely difficult, especially since Clee
could see all that water but couldn't play in it.

This is after we got as much up as we could.
Gettin the trash can up was definately the worst.

The inside view of the garage door.

In the center of the pictue of the front porch
stairs you can see a frog trying to get out of the
water for a bit too.

Here are Fiel's cousin Candace and her friend
Renee, paying us a late night visit. They also came
bearing gifts. Thank you girls.

Fiel had been out of town the day of the storm,
When he got back the next day he, Nat and I cleaned
out the garage. While our little trooper Emme
watched the boys again.

After we cleaned out the garage Fiel worked on the
cars way into the night.

This is the garage after it dryed out a bit. Can't
say this part of the trip was the funnest but I'm
glad I was there to help a little and playing with
the kids was fun!
Thank you to everyone that helped out!!!!