My Grandkids

My Grandkids
Easter 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Trip to Florida minus Fay

This is how Andrew welcomed me, isn't he adorable?

Emme & Clee at Build a Bear

Clee at Build a Bear
Andrew was in Super hero heaven
I loved this Log Cabin Trailer!
Andrew in Gator outfit I got him

We went to the beach for Clee's Sixth Birthday one of his favorite places to go!

Andrew actually in the ocean water this is the first time I saw him even go near the water since he acidently fell in my sister's pool last summer. Why to go Andrew!
Clee has always loved the ocean, or any water for that matter!
Emme with her sea shell collection
Fiel & Natalie (ahhhh aren't they cute)
Me and Nat (me not so cute)
Emme and Candace
Fiel and Andrew
Andrew and I after he fell in the water but he got right back in
Clee just totally enjoyed himself

Clee and Emme
Andrew back in the water
We had birthday cake for Clee when we got homeClee loves Cake (frosting) Happy Birthday big guy!Nat with her frosting art
Emme's (first) first day of School
Clee's (first) first day of school

I found this great named little town on the map so we went to check it out.
Funny they don't look like they volunteered for this at all!Of course the big fire truck was more interestingAndrew looks a little worried (I guess it was pretty high up for him).Clee seemed to like the truck
Clee's (second) First day of school

Nat hates these little frogs that love her mail box. I personally find them adorable!
Andrew sleeping in his Batman Chair (Ahh isn't cute)This is what found when I returned to work when I returned to Utah (big surprise, NOT)

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